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Bluebonnet Girl Scouts - March Newsletter (just a little late)

Roxy & Me Campout!

Huge thanks to Troop 2028 for another great Volunteer - Scout campout at Bluebonnet Shores! Whether relaxing around camp, meandering along a trail or attending one of the planned activities, scouts and their volunteer had a great time. Planned activities included a Fairy Tea Party, making friendship bracelets, a service project, group campfire, archery and zip-lining. Scheduled right after cookie season, this event is the perfect wind-down weekend for volunteers and scouts alike. Keep it on your radar for 2025!

Girl Scout Week Celebrations

In March we celebrate National Girl Scout Week to remember the foundation of our organization. Thanks to everyone who participated in the BBSU Girl Scout Week Bingo. Here are a few photos of girls enjoying the outdoors, celebrating Girl Scouts' Birthday and picking up trash in our public spaces - in other words, being Girl Scouts!

World Thinking Day

Do you know what World Thinking Day is? It's an opportunity for Girl Scouts around the world, as well as international Girl Guides (scouts by another name) to consider a topic impacting girls and women around the world. This year's theme is "Our World, Our Thriving Future: The environment and global poverty." While February 22 is the official WTD, you can participate anytime throughout the year. Instructions for DBJ can be found here; and instructions for CSA can be found here.


Don't forget to check out Forum Posts (especially monthly meeting notes) and Events to stay up to date on Service Unit changes and activities!

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