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December News

Happy Holidays!

Girl Scouts are bringing the cheer this month with caroling, coat drives and the annual gingerbread house decorating fundraiser.

Troop leaders got in on the cheer making holiday crafts at the monthly Service Unit meeting.

Taking Action

Troop 41395 wanted to do something about all the trees Austin lost during the ice storm last winter. While working on their Junior Outdoor Journey, they learned 30% of the city's tree canopy was impacted by the storm and all those downed and damaged trees are making new habitats for animals in different ways than before. For their Take Action Project, they hosted a tree give away in partnership with Tree Folks (provided the trees), the Mycological Society (free mushroom blocks to harvest and then use as fertilizer) and Home Depot (significant discount on mulch, troop cookie funds purchased one bag of mulch per tree). With good advertising and lots of hard work over three hours, 77 trees were claimed!

Check out the Girl Scout Tree Promise as a guide for your scout's interest in reforestation.


Girl Scout Parents: Sign up!

Sign up for our annual Parent Volunteer/Girl Scout Campout. This event is available to all Girl Scouts in Bluebonnet Circle, you do not need to register through your troop!

Check out our events page for great, upcoming activities!


Did you miss the November 8th Volunteer Meeting? You can find out what you missed on the Volunteer Meeting Notes forum (you must be logged in to view)

We'd love to feature YOUR Girl Scouts in our next newsletter. Send us photos at and let us know what you have been doing!

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