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Bluebonnet Girl Scouts - February Newsletter


Scouts are going door-to-door, working booths in all weather and reaching out to family and friends selling cookies to fund troop activities, provide money for service unit events and support GSCTX staffing and programming. They are tackling spirit week challenges, developing sales strategies tied to special events/days and employing engagement tools. These entrepreneurs are working hard, innovating and learning the importance of customer experience - in other words, running their own businesses!

For Super Bowl and Valentine's Day, Troop 691 worked hard to make their own decorations and came up with an interactive game to engage with their customers and help increase the number of boxes for Helping Heroes donations. They showed their team spirit by dressing up in jerseys, hats and scarfs for their favorite team. Their Helping Heroes cookie recipients are teachers and staff at their school. On this day, they were halfway to their goal of 100 boxes! Since it was the weekend before Valentine's Day, they also put together valentine packages to sell and made a cute sign - customers loved them! 

MORE THAN COOKIES! Girl Scouts is about more than cookies, even during cookie season.

Service projects have been part of scouting since the beginning. Troop 41165 (7th grade Cadets) recently cooked brunch at the Ronald McDonald House for resident families. They made an egg casserole, muffins, and fruit salad.

NASA Overnight

Camping under the stars is awesome, but camping among the space exhibits at NASA is pretty awesome too! Troop 41123 did the ultimate space trip, overnighting at NASA in Houston!

To keep themselves down-to-earth, they stopped at the Jersey Barnyards on the way to learn about organic dairy farming.

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